Finnboom Pontoons excavator and transport rigs and mud barges

We build all sizes of excavation and transport ferries.

  • High quality materials and a uniform structure consists of a fully functioning Finnish ferry and barge solutions.
  • Our products are always certified in domestic category 3 and registered in the register of ships.
  • Hydraulic gear support legs are quickly removable.
  • Ferries are often how the two or three-block easy road transport in mind.
  • Example sizes are: 6,8m x 12m, 14m x 6,8m, 6,8m x 16m, 18m x 6,8m, 5m x 15m, 4m x 8m, 12m x 23m Ym .......

We also manufacture variously sized motorized, cabin cargo ships according to customer's wishes.