We supply tug and tow boats to meet international requirements

100% Finnish work


FB Pontoons’ tug and tow boats


We can supply tug and tow boats in size classes ranging from 7 metres to 25 metres. Tug and tow boats are always built under the supervision of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. Our tug and tow boats are entirely Finnish work, and they are manufactured from high-quality, cost-efficient components. Our products are always inspected for compliance with the requirements in different sea areas.

The products that we manufacture are entered in the register of vessels. An international measurement certificate is also sought during construction. If necessary, you can also order vessels from us manufactured in accordance with international classification rules.


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Our premises are located in the immediate vicinity of the Baltic Sea. A direct water route to the sea boosts the efficiency of our product deliveries.

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Financing solutions are available from several different providers. We can also study any options available for investment subsidies.